Dojo Master Online

Dojo Master Online is the Next Generation of one of the oldest and most trusted Martial Arts School Management Systems. Dojo Master was designed and built by Black Belts for Black Belts. Because Dojo Master Online combines the safety and independence of a PC based application with the power of the internet, you gain dozens of features that are difficult or expensive to implement in a traditional PC based application.

   Recommends Promotions
Enter your promotion parameters based on number of lessons attended or time-in-rank requirements or both. When it's time to promote, Dojo Master prints out a list of students who have fulfilled those requirements. The system also keeps a detailed promotion history, including testing comments.

  Create Class Schedules Fast
Set up classes based on dates, beginning and ending times, belt ranks, age groups, and styles. Print class schedules that you create. Analyze class attendance with automatically generated reports. Update one schedule while operating the school on another.

   A Proven Product
First introduced in 1991, Dojo Master has users in all 50 United States and 4 Foreign Countries. It has a proven track record of putting Martial Arts School Owners in control of their businesses. It has survived and grown in an industry where competitors come and go on a daily basis!

   Easily Manage Student Data
Keep up with your students' progress effortlessly. Enter pertinent information in the student file. Automatically track attendance. Easily manage time in rank and promotions. Have a running record of merchandise ordered. Quickly create mailing labels, statements, overdue notices, and all types of correspondence.

   A Safe and Secure System
Dojo Master is equipped with a built-in security feature -- personalized access codes for each instructor who uses the program. Feel free to make personal notations or send messages to other instructors, without worrying about an unwarranted party having access to the information.

   Simplify Merchandise Management
Easily track the merchandise you order, as well as wholesale cost, retail, and student ID number. Issue purchase orders. Maintain vendor information. Automatically bill students for merchandise they order. Review and receive purchase orders by student. Quickly determine which items are most popular among your students.

   Reports in a Flash
Print reports on important information such as accounts receivable, class attendance, student promotions, merchandise information, and more. You can also create your own custom reports.

   Keep Receivables Up To DateAutomate all of your receivables. Bill students weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Consolidate family billing. Print your student billing statements while simultaneously tracking payment schedules. Dojo Master's Automated Billing and Payment Module lets you automatically charge your student's credit card or bank account for class fees and merchandise. A color coded Billing and Payment Status Screen lets you know what accounts need attention.

    Automatic Free Updates
Since Dojo Master Online is subscription based, you never pay for updates. Periodically Dojo Master checks the internet for updates and automatically downloads any changes.

   Abbreviated Features List:

  • Full Student Data Base including: Extensive Student Information, Competition Histories, Unlimited Class Attendance Dates, Student Photographs, Promotion Histories and pages of Additional Text.
  • Supports Multiple Styles within the same school and up to 4 styles per student.
  • Dojo Master Online is integrated with the world wide web, allowing you to process credit card and electronic checks directly from your PC.
  • User definable Statements, Purchase Orders, Checks, Contracts and Form Letters maintainable by anyone with Only basic Word Processing skills.
  • Provides for both Perspective Students and Seminar Students in addition to Regular Students.
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules.
  • In addition to Regular Student Data, Dojo Master allows you to maintain data on Perspective Students and Seminar Enrollees.
  • Generates Full Color Graphs on Student Enrollment and Age/Belt Rank Statistics.
  • Prints Receipts, Invoices, Coupon Books, Overdue Lists/Letters, Labels, Form Letters, Bills, Custom Reports, Contracts, and more.
  • Full Inventory Management. Record Item Requests, Print Purchase Orders, Receive Purchase Orders, and record Retail Sales. Dojo Master produces detail line item Receipts and Invoices including Sales Tax.
  • Individual User Passwords and an optional Security Violation Log. Let your assistant access as much or as little information as you want.
  • Includes an Instructor Tickler/Reminder System and Instructor Messaging.
  • Create your own ID cards with photographs and/or barcodes.
  • Dozens of Setup Options controlled from an easy to use System Options screen to make the program fit the way you do business.
  • Dozens of preformatted reports or create your own reports using the powerful menu driven Custom Report Generator. Reports may be outputted as printed reports, form letters, labels, on-screen reports, or a delimited ASCII disk file.
  • Dojo Master data is stored in a Microsoft Access® Data Base allowing you to pull your Student and other school information directly into Microsoft Office, Word, or Excel ®.
  • Enter and Print Class Schedules for multiple classrooms. As attendance is recorded Dojo Master automatically keeps class statistics so you know which classes are being attended and which ones are not. Also supports Private Lessons.
  • Generates Graphs on Student Enrollment and Age/Belt Rank statistics.
  • Supports many popular bar code readers and prints bar codes to make attendance entry even faster.
  • Enter your own Belt Ranking Information and let Dojo Master tell you who is coming due for promotions. Print individual testing score sheets and record promotions with automatically applied testing fees.
  • Spread sheet type Profit Analysis including Cost of Goods and Cash Flow calculations. Supports both Cash and Accrual accounting.
  • An Instructor Appointment Book (which contains Reminders, Contract Renewals, and Intro Appointments) shows you the things that need to be done today.
  • Automatically warns you when a student's account is overdue or his/her contract is due for renewal.
  • Supports billing cross charges so all the members from a single family may be charged to one account and printed on a single statement.
  • Don't memorize phone numbers! Dojo Master is equipped with an Auto Dial feature which uses your existing modem to dial student and other phone numbers.
  • Enter Data Only Once! Dojo Master can store your Enrollment Programs to speed new student entry and Perspective Student data may be copied directly to the regular student add screen.
  • Keep track of students who haven't been in class lately and print them on a list or have the system generate a set of non-attendance letters.
  • Unattended Check-In Module included at no additional cost.
  • Since Dojo Master Online is a subscription based service, upgrades are continuously applied to improve improve the product and provide you with new features. You don't need to manually install them, and best of all, they don't cost a penny more.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.