Dojo Master Downloadable Demo

Before we get you started with the Dojo Master Online Demo, we'd like to point out a few facts that are important to your evaluation. First, this is not a slide show that will show you what we think you should see. It's a working copy of the program with a few limitations that shouldn't effect your evaluation of the product. You're free to work with the demo version for an unlimited amount of time, exploring the functions and features that are important to your school. If you prefer a slideshow type demo, Please Click Here!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you're probably wondering what the limitations mentioned in the previuous paragraph:

  1. The demo is pre-loaded with 35 sample students. You can do whatever you wish to these sample student, except change thier names. The student add function has also been disabled, so if you delete any of the samples, you won't be able to replace them.
  2. The credit card and electronic check capabilities of Dojo Master are fully active, but are hard coded to be in test mode. The credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and merchant account information on the demo are ALL for testing purposes only and won't work in the real world.
  3. As is the case with student information, the Merchandise Maintenance Function is also incapable of adding new items.
  4. Since you'll only be dealing with a test database, the database backup, restore, and reorganize capabilities are not available.
  5. The demo is built to be a demo internally and cannot be turned into a live copy with a special code. If you like what you see and want to subscribe to the full version, you'll be doing another installation for the live product.

Before you begin the Demo Download and Installation, we suggest you Click Here to review a PDF copy of the Demo's Installation Instructions. An even better idea is to print a copy of this short document to refer to as you're actually doing the demo installation.

Click Here to Download the Dojo Master Online Demo