What is Dojo Master Online?

Dojo Master Online is the Next Generation of one of the oldest and most trusted Martial Arts School Management Systems. Dojo Master was designed and built by Black Belts for Black Belts. Because Dojo Master Online combines the safety and independence of a PC based application with the power of the internet, you gain dozens of features that are difficult or expensive to implement in a traditional PC based application.
  • First introduced in 1991, Dojo Master has users in all 50 States and 4 Foreign Countries. It has a proven track record of putting Martial Arts School Owners in control of their businesses. It has survived and grown in an industry where competitors come and go on a daily basis!
  • Dojo Master's core modules install on your PC directly from the internet. Local installation means you can continue to work, even if your internet connection is down! This also means your valuable data is stored on your local hard drive, making it much more secure that a completely web based application.
  • Dojo Master allows you to manage Students, Class Schedules, Accounts Receivable, Merchandise Sales, Competition Histories, Training Seminars, and much more.
  • Because Dojo Master Online is integrated with the world wide web, you can process credit card and electronic check payments directly from your PC.
  • With the ePay Option, Students can go online and pay class fees by credit card or directly debit thier bank account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Since Dojo Master Online is a subscription based service, upgrades are continuously applied to improve improve the product and provide you with new features. You don't need to manually install them, and best of all, they don't cost a penny more.
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